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Bimal – Test Industry srl

Since its foundation in 1984, Bimal – Test Industry srl has been focusing on the design and construction of test benches for hydraulic fluid components for the oil-hydraulic, mechanical and aeronautical sectors.

With over 30 years’ experience, Bimal is now considered a leader in the field of testing, as well as a technological leader in the field of pressure pulse tests.

The company’s technical know-how is safeguarded as all the activities connected to the product are managed directly, from the mechanical and electrical design, to software development, assembly, training and after-sales service.


Mechanical engineering

Mechanics: test benches for fluidic or mechanical components.
Electronics: all that is necessary to produce the machines.
Software: proprietary products.


Test facilities.
Electronic systems: electronic equipment and software.


After-sales service, machine up-grade , modifications, spare parts, calibration.


1984: Bimal was founded by Roberto Malfagia and Renzo Bigi

1985: Stefano Vispi joined the company, Bimal sold the first test bench

1992: test benches became Bima’s  core business

2000: Bimal started its internationalization path

2014: Bimal transformed to S.p.A. (company limited by shares)