CBL Electronics

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CBL Electronics

Since 2002, CBL Electronics has been working on all the aspects of electronic design. Our field of expertise includes the design and production of hardware and software, testing for the semiconductor industry, development of systems and test programs, support on reliability tests suitable for any application and use. CBL Electronics’ projects are mainly in demand in the aerospace and defence sectors, but the company’s know-how can also be applied to marine, medical, automotive and consumer electronics sectors. Our goal is to build win-win relationships with our partners.

Innovation, insight and reliability are our core values. Thanks to the team of highly skilled engineers, CBL Electronics was able to develop projects in various fields, providing its clients with customized solutions and ongoing support, contributing, amongst other things, to the success of Exomars and Rosetta missions and to M-345 and AW-169 projects.



Mechanical engineering: 2D and 3D mechanical CAD.
Electronics: analogical and digital, including CAD CAM development and final debugging.


Equipment: laboratory instruments and benches for functional tests.
Machining: mechanical engineering and production of mechanical parts.
Testing equipment: oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, function generators, power packs, electronic load, digital and analog simulators.


Assembly of electronic boards, test benches and racks.
Revision of projects and debugging of new-release products.


2010: AMMC A-129 – Testing system for the on-board computer

2011: SAS Philae Lander Rosetta – In collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano: solar panel simulator to test the Philae lander Satellite of the Rosetta Satellite

2013: Exomars – PCDU Propulsion Control and Distribution units built for Selex-Es

2015: ATOM – Automatic Test on Modular Mainframe,  able to acquire/stimulate the UUT (Unit Under Test) with both digital and analog signals.

2015: Cockpit display – Design of M-345 video processing