Costruzioni Meccaniche Castellani srl

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Costruzioni Meccaniche Castellani srl

Founded in 1985 by Claudio CASTELLANI, who is still the owner and sole administrator of the company, primarily for the production of precision mechanical constructions for the aeronautical engineering and energy sectors.

For the mechanical part: structural parts and accessories.

For the energy part: burner components and various components in super-alloys.

Production: high precision mechanical machining with chip removal, during both turning and milling, up to installation, assembly and any overhauling.

The production chain is fully autonomous, from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product, including managing and, when necessary, special processes: NCD, Galvanic and heat treatments as well as non-destructive test such as Magnetic Inspections, penetrating liquids or Nital Attacks.

The company’s 30 years’ experience was gained within the specific sector following the technological, metalwork, aeronautical and cultural evolution, in which it took on an active role.

It expresses ability and commitment to follow clients as they evolve and, when required, can diversify production, participate in the innovation process and maintain its presence after the sale.



Mechanical engineering

Implementation and industrialization applied to production processes
Management software


Equipment: built and designed within the company according to the items to be manufactured
Machining: material cutting, milling, turning and lapping
Equipment: band-saws and CNC lathes and milling machines
Outfitting: automated tool warehouse and automated Modula warehouse
Aero structures: tower cranes
Testing plants: test and metrology room – 3D-control machine – durometer
Facilities: material warehouse, production department, quality assurance department, management and administrative offices
Electronic systems: management software, Hyper1000 CAD/CAM software


Assembly: assembly on client specifications of some parts, also of primary importance
Overhauls: elaboration of design overhauls according to client’s specifications


2005: Transformation from a sole proprietorship company to S.r.l. (LLC)

2010: full verticalisation of certain types of products

2013: Transition from artisan company to industry

2015 (31/12/2015): The company changed its name to CASTELLANI AEROSPACE Components S.r.l.