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OMA is a leading supplier of aircraft components intended for the civil and military market of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircrafts.

OMA is specialised in three areas of application: aerostructures, actuation equipment and systems, overhauling.

Such skills reach their highest level of integration in the construction of complex aerostructures, such as Cargo Doors and Thrust Reversers, for which OMA can provide structural parts fully equipped with the relevant actuation systems, ready for direct installation on aircrafts.

OMA provides the major “players” in the aeronautic world a vertically-integrated supply chain of products made to client design (Built to Print) and of products developed according to client specifications (Built to Specification). These skills are the result of a wealth of technology and engineering expertise that allow the company to carry out in its premises all the design, qualification, industrialization and production processes, including heat treatments and special processes for steels, light alloys and titanium, for which it holds Nadcap certifications.


More specifically, OMA provides the following products and services.


OMA designs, develops and manufactures aerostructures made from machined metal parts and sheet metal. In particular, OMA provides cargo and passenger doors, structural elements for fuselage and wings, sub-wing pods, components for nacelles.

Actuation systems:

OMA designs, develops, qualifies and produces hydraulic components for aircraft systems. The product range includes reverse thrust systems, braking systems for wheels and helicopter rotors, actuators and locking systems for landing gear, primary and secondary “fly-by-wire” flight control actuators, hydraulic tanks and pumps, filter packs, batteries, hooking systems and “shock absorbers”, fluid power distribution and control valves. Furthermore, OMA has developed expertise in electromechanical actuation, including, among others, the first electromechanical rotor brake currently present in the market and installed on a helicopter.


OMA provides technical support for all products, providing an integrated logistic support to its clients, including repair and overhaul of the components. Moreover, OMA provides complete maintenance services of light aircrafts, auxiliary power units, gearboxes, piston engines, hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical components as well as fuel valves.


1950: OMA was founded in 1950  to support the Ministry of defence through the production of ground support equipment and spare parts, overhauling of landing gear, wheel brakes and Lycoming engines.

1960-1975: The company was involved in the production under license of several components of the F-104S aircraft, in the overhaul of the S208M aircraft for the Army, the first project for the Tornado international program.

1980-1990: OMA was involved in the design of the equipment for the Agusta A109 helicopter and in the design of the rotor brake and pump for Agusta A129; in 1989 OMA started designing equipment for the Eurofighter 2000 aircraft.

1990-2000: In 1993 OMA started collaborating with Dee Howard for the manufacture of Thrust Reversers and in 1996 OMA acquired the design of the hydraulic components for the NH90 helicopter.

2000-2010: OMA delivered the first cargo door for the B737 aircraft and acquired work packages from Lockheed Martin for the JSF program. First project and development for the M346 aircraft. First project and development for the Silvercrest program.