RF Microtech

Via Leone Maccheroni 64 – 06132 – Perugia – Italia
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Rf Microtech

RF Microtech is a company that develops customised products and smart solutions for industries and system integrators operating in the field of RF and microwave technologies. RF Microtech, which started out as a spin-off of the University of Perugia, inherited the excellent academic experience of the research group of the Microwave Laboratory in the sectors of devices and antennas, combining it with the technological potential of numerous Italian and European partners.

RF Microtech’s range of activities covers all the sectors that employ microwave and radio-frequency technology, passive active components, including innovative solutions. RF Microtech collaborates with leading international companies active in satellite and ground telecommunications, positioning systems, logistics , radar and sensors fields. Activities range from feasibility studies to the design of systems or subsystems, following all phases from prototyping to small-volume production, test and characterization.



Electronic engineering

Microwave and radiofrequency devices for space, satellite, TLC (filters, diplexer, multiplexer, coupled) applications; antennas and power and polarisation networks, reconfigurable devices based on MEMS technology, industrial sensors, positioning systems.


Equipment: instruments (power supply units and signal generators, PNA up to 67 GHz with electronic calibrator, oscilloscope, spectrum analyser).
Electronic components: prototyping and small-scale production.
Equipment: HFSS, ADS, CST, MWO softwares.


Design and feasibility studies.
Characterization and testing of RF and microwave devices operating up to 67 GHz (filters, diplexers, multiplexers, switches, antennas).


2007: RF Microtech S.r.l. was founded as a spin off of the University of Perugia

2011: RF Microtech moved all its activities to the new headquarters in via P. Mascagni, in Perugia, acquiring HW and SW instrumentation that allow designing and testing devices up to 67GHz.

2014: RF Microtech was the first company in Umbria to gain access to phase 1 of the SME Instrument of the H2020 Programme

2017: RF Microtech moved to the facility in S. Andrea delle Fratte, in the province of Perugia, where it has new large laboratories dedicated to the production, assembly, testing and quality control of antennas and RF circuits