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Umbria Aerospace Cluster

The top companies in the fields of aeronautics, space and defence in Umbria.

Umbria Aerospace Cluster is an association representing the Umbrian regional industry operating in the fields of aeronautics, space and defence.
Promote internationalization, training, innovation and development processes among our companies, while encouraging collaboration between our members.


Facilitate growth and collaboration processes for member companies, in an organic and coherent vision for representing the Umbrian excellences in the aeronautics, space and defense sectors.

Commercial and military aircrafts Fixed-wing Rotary-wing, UAVs Space anb satellites Engines Airport equipment Land support

Design and development
Project industrialization
Customer support and services

Complex assembly
Integrated aerostructures
On-board hydraulic and electromechanical systems
Assembly jigs and GSE
Special processes
Test equipment and benches
Electronics and software
Precision machining
Sheet metal parts
3D printing
Metrology and automated measuring systems

Facts and figures

The aggregate turnover of the member of UAC amounts to € 550 million (2021): 50% national market, 30% EU and 20% extra UE.
With an aggregate 3,500 direct employees, of which over 10% are dedicated to R&D which absorbs an annual 10% of average company turnover.

Forging Complex assembly Integrated aerostructures On-board hydraulic and electromechanical systems MRO Assembly jigs and GSE Special processes Test equipment and benches Electronics and software Precision machining Sheet metal parts 3D printing Metrology and automated measuring systems

Design, production and special processes


The Cluster companies can offer a remarkable variety of skills in the field of electronics, mechanics and software development, operating in concurrent engineering.


The Cluster companies are able to supply finished mechanical components, both motor and structural, electromechanical and hydraulic actuation systems, equipment, aerostructures, electronic and control systems, fittings, production and testing systems.

Special Processes

For special processes, the professional skills and technological processes involve heat treatment, electroplating, painting and welding.


The Cluster companies can provide clients with qualified services in the field of checks and non-destructive tests, cabling, assembly and inspection.


Umbria Aerospace Cluster is comprised of 38 members:

4 large enterprises
10 medium enterprises
24 small enterprises

The University of Perugia is an aggregated member.

Our history


The origins of the Umbrian aeronautical industry date back to 1934, when Angelo Ambrosini founded the SAI Ambrosini in Passignano sul Trasimeno that, under the guidance of Ing. Sergio Stefanutti, produced the SAI 7 monoplane and assembled the famous Macchi MC202 Fighter, until the end of the Second World War.


In 1935 was founded in Foligno, on the initiative of Muzio Macchi, AERONAUTICA UMBRA (AUSA), a company that produced, under license, the three motors plane Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79, Savoia-Marchetti S.M.81 and Savoia-Marchetti S.M.84.

1945 - 1947

The AUSA production stopped in 1945 but, two years later in 1947, the Officine Meccaniche Aeronautiche (OMA) acquired part of its production facilities, employing some of its employees and managers.


The 1968 represents another important step for the regional aeronautical industry, with the acquisition of AUSA buildings plant by the FAG group for the production of bearings, with their company named Umbra Cuscinetti.

Faithful to tradition, but look to the future, the Umbrian aeronautical sector has been able to renew itself givin birth to many other small and medium-sized companies.


An evidence of the important level reached: in 2008 it was established, on the initiative of some umbria’s companies (Fucine Umbre, Garofoli, NCM, ERA, OMA and Umbra Cuscinetti), the regional Association of companies in the aerospace sector, named “Polo Aerospaziale dell’Umbria”.


In 2015 the Association changed its name to Umbria Aerospace Cluster, expanding the perimeter of representation, in addition to the aeronautics and space sector, also to the defense and security branch.


In 2023 the Cluster celebrated its 15th year of activity.