FOMAP was founded in 1982 and operates in the field of precision mechanics. In the following years, it diversified its field of activity to become a qualified partner for leading companies of the energy, aerospace/defence sectors and for mechanics in general. It has since been producing medium to large items (as per drawings) that require high precision finishing with centesimal tolerances.

Counting on constantly updated and technologically advanced machines, FOMAP carries out boring, drilling, milling and CNC turning processes, special processes and produces “full buy” items.

  • Equipment: handling equipment specific for the MSGE Space as per client’s drawing.
  • Machining: boring and milling process carried out with the aid of 4-5 axis controlled machines, with automatic head and tool change, complete with continually rotating and swinging-sliding tables. The working dimensions reach a maximum of 18000 x 3500 mm. Turning performed with the help of 3-4 axis vertical and parallel lathes with tool change and with C axis to drill and mill.
  • Equipment: boring machines, mobile column milling machine, portal milling machines, vertical and parallel lathes, measuring machine in controlled environment, EBW welding machines, HVOF & Coating booths, high-vacuum furnaces for brazing, Tig, Mig, Smaw and Gmaw welding machines, overhead cranes up to 40 tons.
  • Aero-structures: production of structural parts for the aeronautic and space sector.
  • Testing systems: 2500x1500x1500 measuring machine in controlled environment.

Special Processes
  • Non-destructive tests: penetrating liquids, magnetoscopic checks, X-rays
  • Welding: EPW electron beam welding, TIG, MIG, MAG certified to ASME
  • Heat treatment: high vacuum, high vacuum brazing, descending heat treatment, surface treatment with metal powder deposition (coating, HVOF)
  • Painting

  • Assembly: assembly of steam turbine stators (blading), assembly of servo-assisted handling structures and of the relative heads.
  • Construction, assembly and testing of equipment for air defence and control structures (mobile and fixed bases for radars and launchers).

Via Stradetta, 24 – 06081, Petrignano d’Assisi (PG)
Phone +39 075 8038640
Fax +39 075 8039687