Research, design, innovation: these are the key factors of Garofoli S.p.A. which, right from its foundation, aimed at growing to conquer increasingly more technologically advanced markets. Upgrading and constant research aimed at defining new application techniques mean that the company is recognized as an ideal partner in the field of electromechanical and high-technological impact constructions.

Garofoli S.p.A. also operates at international level, in the defence, aerospace and telecommunications fields, as well as in the energy and medical sectors.

Mechanical engineering:
  • Modelling and design activities using different 2D and 3D software solutions and programmes such as ANSYS (FEM modelling), MECHANICAL, INVENTOR, SOLID EDGE.
  • Electronics: design of electromechanical components.
  • Software: Integrated design of control systems for the operation of equipment/systems and integration of communication technologies between subsystems over Ethernet cable and/or wireless. Automatic slave systems for electromechanical products and foodstuffs.

  • Machining: highly specialised production centres (FMS) that can carry out precision machining and micromechanics with all the aluminium alloys, titanium and composite materials. High-precision turning, boring, milling up to 4,000 mm in diameter.
  • Testing plants: geometric and dimensional checks and tests.
  • Targeted testing services, designed specifically for the supply product are also available.

Special processes
  • Non-destructive tests: CND with visual method and penetrating liquids.
  • Welding: manual, semi-automatic and automatic welding, for the execution of TIG, MIG, electrode and resistance welding processes on various materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys, cast iron).
  • Copper and brass soldering-brazing.
  • Galvanic treatments: superficial chemical conversion line of aluminium alloys and chrome-plating.
  • Painting: sanding and painting.

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