NCM is an Italian private enterprise founded in 1988. It operates in the field of precision mechanics, with special reference to the aeronautic, industrial, energy and technological-biomedical sectors. Right from its incorporation, NCM has invested in the development of its skills as well as in design, production and technological expertise with the aim of offering increasingly innovative solutions. This has allowed the company to establish relationships with leading enterprises, which today can count on a verticalised supply of components and assemblies of industrial gas turbines and aeronautic engines, of aircraft structural parts, offering special process and functional testing in compliance with the strictest international standards.  Building on the experience gained in concurrent engineering projects, NCM has recently started design activities mainly for the energy sector.

Mechanical engineering

Components and assemblies for industrial gas turbines.

Special processes
  • Non-destructive tests: Dye Penetrant Inspection, Ultrasonic Test, X-rays, Tomography.
  • Welding: TIG welding, electric resistance welding, Electron Beam Welding, Laser welding
  • Surface galvanic treatments: Coating (HVOF, APS, TBC)
  • Heat treatments: Brazing, ageing, precipitation, reclamation by vacuum furnaces.

  • Machining: Turning, milling, EDM (die-sinking and wire-cutting), EDM drilling, Laser drilling, Calendering, Punching.
  • Test facilities: CMM, test benches for hydraulic tests.
  • Additive Manufacturing: DMLS (4 resources) able to produce Chrome-Cobalt, Inconel 718, Hastelloy X parts.

  • Assembly: Execution of assemblies and sub-assemblies for industrial gas turbines, for aircraft engines and vehicle and aircraft structures.
  • Overhauling: overhauling and recovery of components and assemblies for industrial gas turbines.

Via A. Vici, 34 – Z.I. La Paciana
06034 Foligno (PG)
Tel +39 0742 338001
Fax +39 0742 33859