Officine Meccaniche Merendoni

Officine Meccaniche Merendoni (O.M.M.) is located in Spello, in the province of Perugia and is an established company in the field of applied precision mechanics mainly employed in civil and military Aeronautics, Aerospace,  Energy and Rail system, as well as in mechanical industry in general.

O.M.M. is specialised in the manufacture of mechanical components produced on turning and milling machines.


The company manages and integrates processing for third parties along with full account processing; from raw material purchase to mechanical construction, including heat treatments, electroplating, grinding, welding and non-destructive testing, through to final assembly.

Officine Meccaniche Merendoni
Via Pozzuolo, 4 – 06038 Spello (PG)
Phone +39 0742 652749
Fax +39 0742 652749