RAMAL S.r.l. is specialised in the design and construction of complete tool chains such as: Assembly jigs, Assembly lines with automation, Bonding tools (aluminium, steel, INVAR). Dies for sheet metal deformation (for Steel, Aluminium, Titanium). Ground support Equipment tools.

Mechanical engineering

Design of aeronuatical/aerospace equipment chains. Design of dies for cold deformation of sheet metal (steel, aluminium, titanium)

Special processes
  • Non-destructive tests: Liquid penetrant testing, X-rays, Magnetic particle inspection (outsourced)
  • Welding: Welding of Steel / Light Alloy
  • Electroplating: Galvanizing, Anodic Oxidation (outsourced)
  • Heat treatments: Thermal stress relieving (Steels/Light alloys)
  • Painting: On steels/light alloys

  • Moulding: cold deformation of sheet metal (steel, aluminium, titanium)
  • Equipment: Assembly jigs, Carbon Fibre lamination equipment, Stretching form tools, Trimming tools.
  • G.S.E. (Ground Support Equipment) such as: Servicing Repair/Maintenance Platforms, Step Ladders, Lifting tools.

  • Moulding: reverse engineering

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