SERMS S.r.l. was founded in 2004 as a spin-off of the University of Perugia with the aim of exploiting the highly innovative skills – developed by its members in the academic field – for entrepreneurial purposes. The establishment of SERMS has led to a strong process of cultural exchange between the university and the industrial world, which has allowed the company to constantly expand the type and quality of services offered. Today, SERMS S.r.l. is active both on the national and international markets, offering a wide range of services for the Environmental Testing (Testing) and Mechanical Design (Consulting for analysis and design) of components for  the aerospace, automotive, marine and industrial sectors. The skills acquired over time have allowed SERMS to undertake active collaborations with research bodies (INFN, ASI) as well as with industries (THALES ALENIA SPACE, UMBRACUSCINETTI, OMA SPA, ANGELANTONI SPA, RAMPINI SPA, NUOVA PIGNONE, ANSALDO ENERGIA, ALSTOM RAILWAY, LOCKEED MARTIN and OHB SYSTEM).

  • Testing: vibration test for verification of resistance to all types of vibration (induced by trucks, aircrafts, rockets, trains and any type of transport means), thermal vacuum test. To check whether the object resists to extreme changes in temperature even in the absence of air the following tests are carried out:, thermal testing with possibility of varying humidity levels; explosive or mechanical shock resistance tests, low pressure resistance tests– for on board electronics, corrosive environment resistance test in marine areas,  accidental falls resistance test.
  • Analysis and design: analysis of breakage suffered by any mechanical parts during operation; mechanical design using 3D software; parts, assemblies, drawings, computer checks on the structural strength of components;  design of shock and vibration isolation systems; design and testing of bolted flanges; study and selection of materials, and thermal design and analysis.

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